しかし、だれなんだろう? 価値のわかる人なんだろうなと想像してみる。最近かなりいい波を乗った時以上に興奮してしまった。


Meeting of passing, the Trees of the olive with a tremendous presence came into view from the car window. Very worrisome, he was walking around the neighborhood to stop the car in place on the way home of the meeting. How olive trees that also have passed the substantial years have seen 50 or more, it was standing by being put into a pot in its place. Thick trunk will have cut a haircut at a height of about 1m, there is evidence that also has been prearranged. Do not think there are many such old trees in Japan, it probably has surely across the distant sea from Europe, such as shipping service.
In fact, it was mentioned in Gunma olive specialty stores visited this marks on one of this fellow. No doubt because the same tag was attached. Certainly old more than 100 years after it is committed to feel that writing such as that in there.
However, I wonder Who? I try to imagine Na What a person who understands the value. Recently I got excited more than when you got a pretty good wave.
Someday, I want to plant this tree in the symbol of their olive groves. Once you imagine, I have been pounding.



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