Bocchi LOGO






In Chiba Prefecture, Asahi City, the land of peanut cultivation originated in Japan, peanut manufacturers to continue to provide the high quality of the peanuts over the parent and child three generations, we have designed the logo of the private brand “Bocchi” the Corporation Segawa originates.

Bocci” which is also the motif of the brand of the origin of the name, and logo that Bocchi after autumn harvest, are stacked field to field, peanut and its landscape to wait for drying. It is a dialect in the growing regions of Chiba Prefecture.

Is becoming not look quite is now in the efficiency of production, it is a design that was born from the desire to leave forever the landscape with open dumping.

As you can see, I drew a lot of rough. One was born from it. Fondness is also all the more.


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